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Consider establishing marketing objectives for your next campaign by thinking about your goals.

Are you trying to increase brand awareness by a specific percentage? Do you want to generate high-quality leads for your sales force? Do you want to improve morale of your sales force? Or do you want to increase sales by a specific percentage within a certain time frame?

Once the campaign is underway, begin tracking results. Conduct a few preliminary studies a few weeks into the campaign to measure results, but don't expect these to be final. In most cases, you should give your campaign at least 12 months to realize final results. Ideally, your target expectations may be realized sooner, which would be the result of a well planned and well-executed marketing strategy.

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While we store and maintain hundreds of e-mail addresses in our database for the purposes of sharing our marketing tips, we do not sell, publish or offer any information we receive from our clients to any mailing houses, or any other individuals for any reason. Our database software program keeps each e-mail address unique to the person we are sending our tips to and no other individuals are made aware of our clients' email addresses. We keep the information for sole purpose of sending marketing tips to our database.

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